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25 January 2011 @ 09:02 pm
holy shit livejournal.  
to do in 2011

well first off I need more $$$$$$ which means get the fuck out of BJs asap.
turn 21 and go ape shit.
I'm already going to see Gaga in March LKFJS( H!:KLH!!!!!!!!!!!!
BLONDE HAIR!!!! I am so fucking excited thinking about it.
tattoo of mom is happening for sure
maybe my BTBAM tattoo as well
nostril piercings or start to stretch my ears
get my ass to the gym until i look positively bangin in a pair of high waisted shorts
take up aggressive in-line (goes hand in hand with getting in shape but is way less boring than going to a gym)
go to a hardcore fest somewhere far away, Rainfest or Sound and Fury.

adding to this as i think of things.